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About Us

Sustainable Barnesville is the name of Barnesville's initiative to become certified in the Sustainable Maryland Municipal Certification program (SMC). Using best practices in resource areas like water, energy, planning, health, food, and economy, a municipality can earn points toward sustainability certification. SMC helps communities choose a direction for their greening efforts; complete their chosen actions with help from program tools, trainings, case studies, and other resources; and be recognized for their accomplishments.


Key components of the program include:

(1) Adopting a town resolution for participating in SMC;

(2) Creating a Green Team to coordinate efforts;

(3) Developing an Action Plan, and

(4) Earning the 150 points required for certification by implementing projects that promote sustainability.


The Commissioners of Barnesville passed a resolution on August 27, 2018 in support of the community’s participation in the Sustainable Maryland Municipal Certification Program. The Green Team was formed soon thereafter.

Our Mission

Sustainable Barnesville demonstrates environmentally sound practices that encourage all residents to live sustainably in our thriving historic community.

Our Action Plan

Click HERE to view the Action Plan

Our Vision

Sustainable Barnesville: A caring community at the foot of Sugarloaf Mountain in Montgomery County’s Agricultural Reserve, where committed residents aim to maintain a lifestyle that enhances its natural and human assets for future generations. 


Our vision encompasses:

  • Sustainably produced local food;

  • Carbon neutral living maximizing renewable energy options;

  • "Green Streets" complementing Barnesville's historic character;

  • Healthy ecosystems; and

  • Recreational opportunities that encourage healthy lifestyles.

Our Green Team

Our Green Team is comprised of several Barnesville residents. Commissioner Audrey Morris is the Green Team's primary elected official and Joyce Bailey is co-chair of Barnesville's Green Team.


Meetings are held monthly, prior to the Town Meeting. If you are interested in learning more about or joining the Green Team, please visit the Get Involved page or contact us.


Green Team members aim to:

  • Improve the economic, social, and environmental fabric of our community in fun and engaging ways;

  • Lead by example and work together as "Green" and sustainability change agents;

  • Provide green living resources, tools, educational opportunities, and events for our community; and

  • Complete Sustainable Maryland Certification.

Barnesville Green Team Photo 2-15-19.JPG
Audrey Morris

I have been interested in the environment since I volunteered in high school on a project to design a low-tech solar water heater to distribute in Africa.  I had a long career in affordable housing finance and now raise sheep for wool and write knitting patterns as a second career. As a commissioner for the town of Barnesville I am excited to work on projects to reduce energy consumption in town, ease conversion to renewable energy sources and protect our fragile soil and habitat.

Joyce Bailey

From an early age, I have been drawn to the natural world for adventure, inspiration and renewal. As an adult, I realized how complex our environmental problems are and knew that I needed to learn more in order to help in a constructive manner. That inspired me to earn a Master’s in Environmental Biology and became Director of the Global Ecology Magnet at Poolesville High School, helping others connect to the environment and become informed citizens. I am currently serving as Chair of the Montgomery Countryside Alliance Educational Outreach Committee, Chair of Barnesville Green, a member of Montgomery County’s Clean Energy Work Group on Policy and Regulation, and a Maryland Master Naturalist. Working with Barnesville Green is a wonderful way to join with friends and neighbors to continue learning about and supporting the environment and each other.

Julee Evans

I grew up on a farm in the Midwest where I saw the impact, both positive and negative, people can have on the environment. As our environment becomes more fragile, I am excited to be living in the Agricultural Reserve. Working with the Barnesville Green Team to promote positive changes to our local environment is very important to me.

Lauren Greenberger

After a long career in international public health, Lauren redirected her work and life to focus on horticulture, agriculture and sustainable landscape design. For the past 13 years, she has had beef cattle on her farm in Barnesville. With a grant from the Montgomery County Conservation District, she has fenced the cattle out of her stream and planted some 2,000 native trees and shrubs to protect the stream and soak up carbon. Lauren serves as the Barnesville representative for the Tree Montgomery program. To date, the town has planted 75 native shade trees in the community. She is also on the Sugarloaf Citizens Association board and has served as president since 2017. She is also on the Montgomery County’s Zero Waste Task Force, the Montgomery County Executive’s Climate Change Working Group, and is a Master Gardener with the University of Maryland Agricultural Extension Service.

Anne Sturm

I have been fortunate to live on or near open space most of my life. In 1973, I was one among many to join the newly formed Sugarloaf Citizens Association to fight WSS plans to fill the beautiful Johnson farm in Comus with sludge. A few years before this, my interest in helping native cavity nesting birds had started. Since everything is connected, the environmental work grew from these two points. It has been a privilege to work with others on protecting our local sweet earth and I look forward to trying to be of help on this committee.

Jane Thompson

Growing up in my house, I was an environmentalist -- although I didn’t know it at the time!  We were not allowed to take long showers, leave extra lights on, etc. since all of that cost money. I still live that way. In the early 2000s, the realization that few people live conservatively – wasting resources and throwing away too much – hit me. I’m looking forward to learning how the town can save energy usage and how to make it easy for everyone to conserve energy as well as to not toss excess in the trash. On my roof are enough solar panels to provide all of my electrical needs - plus some. The backup battery has come on a couple of times when the power went off, which is also nice!

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